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"Providing Quality Care to Maintain Independent Living"

Why Hire an NBHSA Agency or NBHSA Member?

Home support services in New Brunswick are supplied by independent individuals as well as employees of agencies. Those who operate independently are not governed by any industry standards or subject to rigorous security checks unless they are members of the NBHSA. When you hire an NBHSA member you and your loved ones can rest easy knowning that he or she will be:

Background checked for security purposes.
First Aid & CPR certified
Experienced and well-qualified.
Professional in appearance and demeanour.
Supported by a larger association able to provide extended support should your home support specialist be unable to perform his/her duties for any reason.
Trained to industry standards.
We provide liability insurance for all employees.

Services Available

Home Support Services: Customized Managed Home Care Plan providing Companionship, Meal Preparation,Medication Reminders,Reilief of Principal Home Support Worker. and Light Housekeeping Functions

Personal Home Support Worker: Providing Home Support Services along with Personal Care functions including feeding, dressing ,grooming tasks Bathing & skin care, toileting, personal hygiene and non-intrusive incontinence care

Respite Care: Providing releif to family home support workers who require some personal time and wish to have companionship and care for their loved one in their absence.

Family Support Workers - Working with Children, Teens and Adults who have disabilities or special needs to support them in the development of personal goals to maintain/enhance self-sufficiency of clients as well as families.

If required, we can provide contact information for the Department of Social Development, Veterans Affairs, and the New Brunswick Extra-Mural Programs.

Billing Rates: Our billing rate is largely determined by our contracts with the Department of Social Development. For Private Service, we charge and submit the HST, if applicable, and send out our bills on a monthly basis.

Caring for people and providing support to families in their homes is what we do and we do it well. Through compassion and understanding leadership, a dedicated and experienced group of Employees, combined with our twenty years of being in this business, we are well qualified to meet the needs of Clients, whatever they may be.

For further information, please contact us at the appropriate numbers for your area and our qualified staff will be only too happy to discuss with you how we can make your life easier and help your loved one maintain their independence living within their own home.